Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pictures from the "Preternatural" show at Pony Club Gallery in Portland

Will be on view for the month of August! Hononred to be part of such a great lineup!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Upcoming shows!

TBA group show, Antler Gallery, Portland, OR (April 2016)
TBA group show, Screaming Sky Gallery, Portland, OR (February 2016)
BRINK, Antler Gallery, Portland, OR (January 2016)
L.A. Art Fair 2016, Los Angeles, CA (January 2016)
Don't Wake Daddy X, Feinkunst Kr├╝ger, Hamburg, Germany (December 2015)
TBA solo show, Antler Gallery, Portland, OR (October 2015)

G40 Art Summit, Art Whino, Washington D.C.  (September 2015)
Unnatural Histories IV, Antler Gallery, Portland, OR (September 2015)

Terribly neglectful…..

Since I've been terribly neglectful this year about making posts on this thing, I will instead just show some of the pieces I've done this year. It would be too much to try and catch up now with writing about all the shows, but enjoy these images in place of all my absent posts. 

"Preternatural" at Pony Club Gallery

So a while back I was lucky enough to be asked by Jennifer Parks of Pony Club Gallery, if I wanted to possibly do a small group show there for the end of summer. I was on board and we discussed some other talented folks to add to the lineup. The show will be made up of works by Jennifer, myself, Theo Ellsworth, Tom Haubrick, Katy Horan, Rebecca Artemisa, Shayna Yasuhara. There is no strict theme for the show, but rather we chose people whose work would look harmonious together. I can't wait to see what people come up with. I will be showing five new works. Here is a little sneak peek of what I've been working on….

The show will open August 6th, 6-9pm reception at Pony Club Gallery (625 NW Everett St. Apt 105, Portland, OR 97209

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pictures from my solo show "Age of Enigmas" at Antler Gallery

Some pictures from my third solo show with Antler Gallery in Portland (August 2014). I made one of my largest pieces to date and got an enthusiastic response to the work. In addition to my own work, I did some fun collaborations with artist friends Ian Anderson, Jennifer Parks, Trudy Creen and Mark Burt. I always enjoy doing these shows. Not only because it's great working with Antler Gallery, but also because I get to see many familiar faces at the reception. Looking forward to my next solo with Antler!