Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Pizza Show

I recently got to see "The Pizza Show" at Pony Club Gallery in Portland. It was a deliciously cheesy display of slices in various forms :) Can't wait to see the next show, which I believe has to do with ghosts.

Sneak Peek for upcoming spring show

yet another sneak peek of a drawing for a new show coming up. Hope you aren't all getting sick of these teasers...

all will be revealed in the coming weeks :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

"The Visitor and My Childhood Home" - SOLD

I've had this piece for about 4 years now, kinda just packed away in a portfolio, and now it has a permanent home. Thanks Ryan!

Another Sneak Peek

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

G40 Art Summit 2012 - coming up!

I'm participating in this upcoming show. I have some new works debuting as well :)

Month Long 500+ Low Brow Art Exhibits, Musical Performances and

10 Block Mural Project featuring 12 of the top muralists from around the globe.

Art Whino returns in 2012 for the Third edition of G40. Following the mission of G40s past, we will once again bring exposure to low brow’s many faces and, as always, present what new facets emerge within this ever growing movement. This year G40 focuses on the "Art of the Mural". In the last 5 years, there have been great bursts of street artists transforming the city’s urban fabric with large scale mural artwork. With their powerful and awe evoking size of over five stories high, these murals transform the landscape of the passerby and create a unique experience to each wall that was once blank and artless.

This year’s G40 will travel to Richmond, VA. and will become the inaugural opening event of the city’s soon to be announced official art district. By inviting 12 of the top mural artists from around the globe to unleash their creativity to 20 large scale walls in a 10 block radius, it will surely become amazing artistic destination point for years to come. In addition to the large scale murals, we will also present an exhibit in pop up galleries along the main street of the district. With canvas work and installations by each mural artist, these shows will offer the opportunity to experience a more personal scale and a closer look at the execution and detailing of the mural artists' work.

As in previous years, we will also present a 500+ artist exhibit that will highlight all the genres within the low brow style. This year though instead of concentrating the show in one building we will be in 8 different locations throughout the arts district with an exhibit of more that 50,000sqft in total. In this exhibit we will showcase all the genres within low brow, in this way highlighting the growth of this movement and the versatility of these artists. We will also premiere "Weapons of Mass Change", a traveling group show to benefit humanitarian missions around the world. Each artist will be transforming weapons, once used to oppress, and re-skinning them as unique works of art in the vain of helping humanity.

All of these shows combined will activate 10 city blocks with the large scale murals, over 8 storefronts housing the massive G40 Group show and premiering the weapons of Mass Change traveling exhibit. In this way, the G40 Summit will leave its mark on Richmond’s Art District. This show will become a part of the city’s arts culture, which will be further established as the Mural Project becomes a yearly event for the district, creating continuity and in turn helping to solidify Richmond as a major art destination in years to come.

In addition, Art Whino will make its mark in Richmond’s art scene by joining forces with RVAMagazine to create a new quarterly publication called "WHINO". This magazine will focus on all aspects of the Low Brow culture worldwide. The premiere of the magazine will be launched during the G40 and will bring attention to the inauguration of the Art District with a month long schedule of Musical performances and events.

It all starts at the end of March. More specific dates for things can be found at the link below.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

"No Bad Deed Goes Unpunished" framed

Just thought I'd post this picture. My friend Ellen owns this and she got it matted and framed recently. Looks good on the gray wall too (sorry about the bad glare on the photo). I think this work is from 2008...

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I drew this portrait of Woody from Toy Story recently as a birthday present for my friend's son. It's watercolor and ink. While drawing him, I realized how much detail he has. His whole costume is comprised of different patterns, textures, stitching and many little touches, right down to his belt buckle.

Sold this month

Sold these pieces to Ryan in Germany this month. Many of them are older works...