Friday, September 28, 2007

Filthy Lucre

These are two clippings from the Riverfront Times featuring my illustrations. The article was about Malcolm McLaren and the direction that the hip-hop industry is going regarding the marketability of artists and their products. For one of the illustrations I used bobbleheads to show how artists can be puppets used to make money, and also as a example of the kind of useless crap that is often churned out by these artists to, again, make money. The other illustration is my imagined version of 50 Cent's cologne line.

Egg cartons are best

I'm sure many other people already know this, probably scores of elementary school art teachers and the like, but I recently discovered how convenient and useful egg cartons are in place of paint palettes. Not only do they give you a cheap and disposable alternative to real thing, but they also hold your brushes really well.

New Work Area Setup

This is my first entry on this new blog, and it seems only fitting that the first post be about my new work area. I decided to move my work table to open up the room more. Before, my work table was parallel to the shelves and it felt too blocked in. Plus, it had been that way for a year, so it seemed like a good time to change it. Now it's much more open and the room feels better. I don't know, maybe it's that feng shui thing or something. Also, I decided to take pictures to document how nice and clean it looks. It's usually NOT, so I needed to record the moment. I'm gonna try harder to keep it neater in the future. We'll see how long that lasts.