Saturday, July 31, 2010

"The New Twenties"

Today I got my copy of "The New Twenties" in the mail! It is beautifully printed and put together and I am really honored to have my work featured in it. I made a short little video of me flipping through it for those that are curious. Enjoy :)

"Mail Me Art: Medium Without a Message" Show

Hey everyone,

here are some pictures from the "Mail Me Art" show reception that took place last night in London at Red Gate Gallery. The project is the creation of Darren Di Lieto, the founder of the illustration website Little Chimp Society. Artists from all over were invited to send in artwork done on envelopes, boxes, postcard-sized pieces of paper etc to be compiled into an exhibition. There are over 700 pieces of art for sale! A book will also be made from a selection of some of the artwork. I was really excited to be part of this with so many great illustrators and artists!

The pictures below are from talented illustrator and graphic designer Thereza Rowe, who was lucky enough to attend the show.

My contribution is in the fourth picture down (black postcard right in the middle).

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Haste the Day - "Attack of the Wolf King"

I recently received my copies of "Attack of the King," an album I created the artwork for in collaboration with Solid State Records. Just thought I'd post some photos of the final product. The tri-fold cd case is the deluxe edition which includes a dvd.

Here is the promo video for the album (I did not create this animation).

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Black Sketchbook II Video

Appropriately named "Black Sketchbook II Video" (because this is my second black moleskine sketchbook I have filled) is now available to watch on youtube. It took me 3 years of on and off drawing to fill this thing. I wasn't consistent in working on it at all, and pretty much took a two year hiatus from it altogether when I started to do more gallery work, but here it is at last.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The New Twenties

I'm so glad to be part of this publication and have been eagerly awaiting its debut. I can't wait for it to come in the mail. Get one!

In this third IdN Special Edition, we have collaborated with Society6, one of the largest online platforms for up-and-coming designers, to showcase the talent of 58 brilliant young artists with a contemporary outlook on creativity and communicating.

The New Twenties:

A scintillating survey of the work of today’s 20-somethings, who were all brought up in the technological boom years of the late 20th Century – and whose concepts of self-promotion and networking are radically different from those of their predecessors. In this third IdN Special Edition, we have collaborated with Society6, one of the largest online platforms for up-and-coming designers, to showcase the talent of 58 brilliant young artists with a contemporary outlook on creativity and communicating.

Participating Artists:

ABOVE / Andrea Forgacs / Andreco / Andrew Groves / Anthony Zinonos / Ben Chlapek / Blaine Fontana / C86 - Matt Lyon / Cayetano G. Valenzuela / Charles Clary / Chow Martin / Chris Piascik / Chris Thornley / Clemens Behr / Colin Jenkinson - Jenkins / Craig Matchett / Crayon Dreamer / Daniel Lucas / Daryll Peirce / Dean West / Emory Allen / Famous When Dead / Gemma Correll / Geoffrey Agrons / Glenn Arthur / Heroes & Villains / Jacopo Rosati / Jacqueline Kari Bos / Jennifer Daniel / Jerzy Goliszewski / Jesse Draxler / Joe Van Wetering / Jon MacNair / Jonny Wan / Joshua Agerstrand / Julia Sonmi Heglund / Julian Callos / Keflione / Laura Gee / Laura McKellar / Lillianna Pereira / Lloyd Eugene Winter IV / Marco Puccini / Matt Scobey / Matt Taylor / Max-o-matic / Mete Yafet / mrYen / Natalie Nicklin / Nazario Graziano / Oh Yeah Studio / Onesidezero / Overture / Pascal Hoayek / Paul Octavious / Stephen Chan / Steven Bonner / Visual Narcotics:20mg

CARNE Magazine

I have some work in the newest issue of CARNE Magazine. "CARNE is an independent digital magazine destined to promote contemporary art and design." It's based in Buenos Aires.

This issue is packed with lots of artwork and can be downloaded here!


This past week and a half I have been away working on a mural project for my cousin and her husband in Virginia. They asked me if I would be into painting the nursery for their soon to be newborn baby. The mural itself is Dr. Seuss themed. The room ended up looking great. I was initially slightly concerned about a few things. 1) translating another person's work (in this case Dr. Seuss who has a instantly recognizable style with whimsical linework) 2) drawing something that was originally small and making it much much bigger 3) taking the original drawing that are done in ink with a pen, and doing them with paint and paintbrush on the wall. I didn't know how the crosshatching and all that would look when done with paint, or if I could do it well enough. But all my fears were for nothing because it wasn't that hard overall, just time consuming. I'll post pictures soon!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sketchbook Post on Aqua-Velvet

Amy over at Aqua-Velvet was kind enough to a post on my sketchbooks. Thanks Amy!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


More sketchbook pages.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A couple more sketchbook pages

Scanned a few more recent pages from my sketchbook.

Friday, July 2, 2010

New Sketchbook Drawings

I've been drawing in my sketchbook a lot lately. Here are a few drawings I did this week. Go to my flickr page to check out the rest!