Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another sold piece!

I found out this week that I sold one of the two pieces that went to Fenario Gallery in Eugene, OR for the "Menace to Propriety" show. I'm really happy that someone liked it enough to buy it, even in these hard economic times.

If any of you are curious, the piece that sold was "The Abduction." (see May 10th blog entry for picture)

Illustration Mundo

I was recently notified that I am being featured on the website Illustration Mundo as Editor's Choice!

Thank you!

New Work Area

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Website Makeover (FINALLY)

I've been working on and off on my website for the past couple of weeks now. It was in dire need of an update and general makeover. I tried to streamline it a bit more, eliminating the splash page and main/homepage. Even though I sort of enjoyed the splash page, I decided it was probably just more unnecessary clicks of the mouse. Apparently, art directors are put off by splash pages or any other pages that are not right to the point. I can understand that. So now my index page takes you right to the good stuff, the work. I have taken some older images off the work page, as well as added some new art and illustration. Some of the thumbnails have been made over, as well as the buttons that go to the different sections. The work is categorized differently now, dividing it into four sections. One of these sections is new and contains some examples of my fine art/personal work from the past year. Also, I fixed the link to my blog, which used to go to my old blog (my drawing-a-day blog which ended last year and I haven't posted to in forever). Now that link goes to this blog, Scritchy Scraps, which I update pretty regularly with news and images. The info page is pretty much the same, but I changed up the bio a tiny bit to mention my gallery/fine art experience and added some new things to the links section. I also now have a CV available, which is much more detailed than the bio alone.


A couple more blogs

Just a few more blogs I discovered that have kindly promoted my work. Thanks! (Camilla's work is wonderful. Be sure to check it out!)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Carpaccio Magazine and Creep Machine interview

Recently I was asked to be a featured artist on the Creep Machine website. "The Creep Machine is a webzine dedicated to alternative, underground, outsider, lowbrow or pop surrealism art." Two artists are featured every month. I am really happy to be featured with Jason Hernandez, an amazing artist. I definitely wouldn't mind having some of his paintings skills. You can see more of his work here:
Jason Hernandez on Flickr

Jason Hernandez

You can check out my work and Jason's work on

Also, Carpaccio Magazine's 2nd issue is now online. The theme for this issue is "Fear Values Traveling." "Carpaccio Magazine is a monthly online publication and a quarterly print publication created to promote the work of 'uncooked' artists: emerging but very tasty artists. Published work includes illustration, photography, drawing and others -as music, poetry, diy designs, etc."

These are my pages in the magazine:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fenario Gallery "Menace to Propriety" show

Just thought I'd post some pictures from the show. I didn't get to attend this event unfortunately, but my friend Ellen went in place of me and reported back. She also took these pictures so I could see how it turned out. There's a few good ones of people looking at my work, which is always nice to see. These are some of the best photos. Enjoy.

Thanks again Ellen!

My work (Left: "Sleeping Under Watchful Eyes" Right: "The Abduction")

Monday, May 4, 2009

More submissions

I've been trying to get involved in more projects, and have therefore been doing a lot of art submissions. One thing I just submitted to today is a zine run by Test Everything (Rand Renfrow). The theme was "I'll see you in my dreams" and the final product will be a screenprinted zine. I don't think I've ever been part of a zine before. I'm pretty excited to see if my work will be in this and what other work was submitted.

I also sent some stuff to A5 magazine again (the theme was "hero"), Interstizi magazine (the theme was "ethereal"), and Carpaccio magazine (theme was "traveling."

Also, just found out about a very cool project in the UK called "Mail Me Art 2" that I would love to participate in.