Saturday, November 10, 2007

Donald and I went to the American Illustration release party in New York on Thursday. Overall it was a great night, despite the drive being a bit grueling. It's a lot of time traveling for such a short trip, but we needed to get back that night. We met a lot of well known illustrators which for me was a little surreal but I didn't feel nervous talking to them oddly enough. We also saw some former college instructors at the party as well. I gave out a bunch of postcards to some illustrators and also got a few cards. It's all about connections, and that was a pretty fun opportunity to make some. I'll probably send out some of my remaining postcards to magazines and stuff this month. Things have been crazy lately and I've been finding it hard to get everything done. I've fallen badly behind on my blog and have not met my goal to finish this artist's book that I wanted to finish by the end of October, but that is mainly due to the holiday cards we've been trying to sell. I've already sold a few sets, so it's a good feeling. Now I just need to sell MORE. Time to work now!

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