Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If you happen to visit my blog periodically, you may have noticed it has been a while since I posted any new work or any news bits. Well, I have been doing work but have been keeping in "under wraps" for now. I have slowly and steadily been building a body of work that I plan to send to galleries in the hopes of eventually showing in some of them. *fingers crossed*

Getting illustration work has been difficult lately and I don't know whether to attribute this to my less than stellar self-promotion or the bad economy (a thought that just recently hit me) or both. I did send out some emails today in the hopes of getting some responses, but chances for that seem slim. I will just have to make a postcard soon and keep on trying. If I did manage to get into some galleries and even sell some work, I think that would more than make up for the lack of success I am feeling right now about illustration. The thing about galleries that I don't like is the waiting. Waiting for a response, waiting for a call for entries, waiting for a show date, waiting waiting waiting.........

I'm not good at waiting.

Yesterday I managed to do a drawing from start to finish and it was nice. I will try to replicate that experience again today, and maybe the day after that and so on.......

it never hurts to aim high.

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