Thursday, January 1, 2009

They're out there

So I decided to google myself (because I do that periodically) to see what comes up and found that my work has appeared on quite a few blogs. As a maker of art, you always wonder if people are actually looking at things that you make available online and who these people are. Pretty much until now I have never noticed my work appearing on other peoples blogs. I found several:
This one is on a blog called "Phantasmaphile" and they write:
"Jon MacNair's pictures of monstrous beings have a certain joy to them which I find surprising and appealing. They feel like the sort of creatures one might find doodled in a school notebook, but then enhanced via an adult eye."
This one is one a site that I think is written in Russian. They posted quite a lot of my images and there are some comments in Russian(?) down at the bottom. I used a translation site to decode and I think one person said "lovely" and another said "BOMB!"

This one is written in Italian
Badly translated it reads:
"The mystical visions of Jon Macnair"
"Jon Macnair is an artist and illustrator who lives in Baltimore. his drawings represent creatures monstrous, mystical visions, between Bosch and Lovecraft. Some of the figures are telling applicants and seem single Secret History of the world and humanity. Other images conclusions may be drawn from the page on flickr and blog of McNair. The bug is, always careful finegarten. 2d of Jon Macnair"

This one took me a while to figure out that the language is Romanian
One person commented on my image by writing "what is beautiful and God loves"

Here's a blog in english called "Monster Brains"

my link is posted on this site:

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