Saturday, February 28, 2009

My work at Evergreen Cafe

If you are local, please check out my work at Evergreen Cafe which will be up from February 28th-March 27th!

501 W Cold Spring Ln
Baltimore, MD 21210

I finally put up my show at Evergreen Cafe last night. I had a lot of much needed help with the installation of it, and with four people it still took several hours. A lot of time was carefully spent deciding where everything should go. Miraculously, all 26 pieces were included in the show, which I wasn't expecting. I thought I'd have to leave out probably five or six works, but we squeezed them all in somehow. I'm hoping someone will see something that they feel compelled to buy.

If you see the show, don't forget to leave some comments in this book.

Not hung as crooked as it looks. The wires make the frames bow out sideways a little.

Here's a cheesy picture of me post installation.

Below are some pictures of all the work laid out in the studio.

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Schitzo said...

Really great show. I'm a fan.