Monday, July 13, 2009

More boxes and bubblewrap

I just sent two boxes (20 pieces) off to San Francisco today with art for the Double Punch show. They should get there in 3 days if all goes well, and hopefully all in one piece too. I will be uneasy for the next couple days until I hear from them and know there was no broken glass involved. Ugh. All the more reason to start painting on cradled wooden panels. I will try to be optimistic though. It is UPS after all and not the horrible regular usps. They just don't care at all. I sometimes feel like they purposely handle things labeled "GLASS: FRAGILE" as roughly as possible. I used all the bubble wrap I had and really tried to cushion everything really well, plus not everything had glass. 11 out of the 20 pieces I sent had plastic covers, not glass ones. Also sent an art inventory with all the info for each piece, labeled each piece on the back, and made a labeled exhibition layout (suggestion) for the art.

Still need to send then images for the website and a bio. After that it's t-shirt design, zines, and applications.

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