Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3 Questions with me on HARD FEELINGS blog

Dylan over at the blog 'Hard Feelings' asked me if I wanted to be featured on his blog with their 3 questions segments they do every week. I said sure and he sent me the Qs. I've pasted them below along with my answers, but be sure to check out the blog too. It's really awesome and frequently visited by me.

Q: Is there a medium you’ve yet to work with that you’d like to pursue?

A: I often think about trying oil painting. I guess that doesn’t really count because I’ve done it before. However, I’ve never done it WELL…so I’d like to try and conquer that some day. Another thing is wood carving. Never done it, but it seems like it would be a refreshing change to make something 3D and use a bunch of tools that are new to me.

Q: You obvious interest in mythology + mysticism suggest that you listen to prog rock + read Tolkien. True or false?

A: Haha…false. I grew up in a home where we were exposed to a lot of classical music and not a whole lot of rock. My parents were trained classical musicians (my dad played the violin and my mom played the harp) and me and my brother and sister all played instruments. I played the cello. I didn’t really start to listen to other kinds of music until high school and really branch out until college. I’ve got a pretty diverse collection of music now, but I don’t have any progressive rock in there. Maybe one day. As for Tolkien, I’ve never read anything by him. I’ve thought about it, but it’s usually kinda hard for me to get through books with lots of detailed back story and histories, etc. I tend to go for collections of short stories.

Q: Do you ever feel held back by the characters that reoccur in your work or do they help you to craft a larger story line?

A: I wouldn’t say I feel hindered by them, but I try to avoid overusing the same characters in my work. I don’t want to feel like I’m making the exact same thing over and over. I think you have to have a sense of when to “retire” an idea so you can keep things fresh and allow yourself to make creative progress in your work.

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