Friday, July 23, 2010


This past week and a half I have been away working on a mural project for my cousin and her husband in Virginia. They asked me if I would be into painting the nursery for their soon to be newborn baby. The mural itself is Dr. Seuss themed. The room ended up looking great. I was initially slightly concerned about a few things. 1) translating another person's work (in this case Dr. Seuss who has a instantly recognizable style with whimsical linework) 2) drawing something that was originally small and making it much much bigger 3) taking the original drawing that are done in ink with a pen, and doing them with paint and paintbrush on the wall. I didn't know how the crosshatching and all that would look when done with paint, or if I could do it well enough. But all my fears were for nothing because it wasn't that hard overall, just time consuming. I'll post pictures soon!

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