Saturday, August 14, 2010

Book By its Cover

There's a entry about my sketchbooks over at the website "Book By Its Cover," a lovely little site run by Julia Rothman (a Brooklyn based illustrator and pattern designer). I took a lot of photos of 3 different sketch books of mine to share with fans of the site. There's some great sketchbook entries on artists like Will Bryant, Mia Christopher, Martha Rich, Calef Brown, Meg Hunt, Lauren Nassef, Katy Horan, Matt Leines, Camilla Engman, Luke Ramsey, Jen Corace and (my fellow MICA alum) Deanna Staffo.

Check it out!


brokeneyeball said...

hey, thanks for commenting on my blog! :D
i just found this website recently.. book by its cover, i havent gotten a chance to go through it all yet, but i soon sure felt like i had found a GEM! I love love sketchbooks :)

Jon MacNair said...

Yes, there's tons of sketchbooks to browse on there! Really great too!