Sunday, January 22, 2012

Computer Arts Projects Magazine

Back in the fall I was asked to partake in the December issue of Computer Arts Projects. They wanted me to do a tutorial for their Character Design issue, regarding how to create an illustration using monsters. It was pretty much right up my alley, and I had a lot of freedom in what I created. The limitations were pretty much only in word counts for written descriptions and the number of steps required etc. This issue features a lot of really interesting work by great artists. I've posted some pictures below. Also, there is an animation tutorial by James Wignall using one of my characters from my tutorial. I think one of my favorite things about the issue is seeing artists sketches and initial thoughts in designing a character. It's really hard to find this magazine around where I live, so I was very pleased to get a copy sent to me by the magazine. Thanks guys :)

below is a better image of my finished piece for the magazine.

below is the original work before the digital coloring.

detail shot

Click the link below to see the short animation James Wignall created using one of my characters :)

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