Friday, April 13, 2012

Long Overdue Update

Sorry I've been off the radar a bit as of late. I guess first off I should announce that I have moved from Michigan to Portland, OR. So that's kinda a big thing. It was a big move anyway....and things have been good so far!

All the chaos leading up to the departure was pretty crazy and I will spare you the details. I'm still in a bit of a transition because I don't have a permanent residence yet, so "my studio" is in boxes essentially. But I have been keeping up the work flow to the best of my ability. This is mostly because of the fact that I had to get ready for a show in CA, the "Welcome to the Freak Show" show coming up in a few weeks at WWA Gallery. 20 pieces will debut for the show, and I'm HOPING they will make it there all intact.

Right now the G40 Art Summit, of which I am participating, is going on in Richmond, VA. So if you are out that way, you should definitely check it out. Looks like they have some pretty awesome murals in additional to all the other art.

A bunch of other show invitations have popped up this month, and I really would like to try and do them all. Two of the shows are big, and two are small.

And as soon as this show at WWA opens, I will have much new art to show you all, so please stay tuned.

So now that I have just finished up a big batch of work for this show, I am back to doing some boring contracts/paperwork stuff. Not fun, but necessary. I'll try to be better with updating, which I'm sure will happen once I'm settled in a place.

until then....

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