Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Welcomed Into the Fold By Other Strange Birds"

I did this piece for a show called "Home Is Where the Art Is" hosted by Hellion Gallery in San Diego. The gallery invited other galleries in Portland, San Diego and Tokyo to participate and invite artists of their choice. I was invited by Antler Gallery here in Portland! The lineup for the show looked amazing. So honored to have my work featured alongside such talent!

So as the name of the show hints at, each artist was asked to do a piece that represented the city they call home. My thinking with my piece was to do something about the welcoming vibe of Portland to artists. As an artist, and a newcomer to the city, I feel like I'm slowly ingratiating myself into the creative hub that Portland is. Portland prides itself on being accepting of all kinds of people, "weird" or unconventional as they may be, and I wanted to reference that with these "strange birds". The plumage of the birds is a wink and a nudge to the many hairstyles you see on people around the city. The idea of "strange birds" finding the company of other "strange birds" in Portland is pretty much what I wanted to convey.  "Diversity is good and you're welcome here!"

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