Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring update

Just wanted to give a quick update about what has been going on as of late. I finished two more album covers last month. One was for a band called Sincerity and their newest release, "The Authority". The other was for a show in Japan called "12 Inch Otako". For the show in Japan, Portland artists were given an artist or band, samples of their music, and then had to make a fictional album cover for that band or artist. Pretty fun idea! After I completed that, I needed to paint a skateboard for a show here in Portland. I've only done one other skateboard before, but it was more fun than the first one I painted. Still, a lot of hard work. I'm not yet a master of the brush (when it has paint on it). Anyway, that show will open next month. Now I am beginning a whole body of work for my solo show at Antler gallery at the end of August. Still in the ideas phase of things, which can be the trickiest part I find. Anyway, will be posting some progress pics of things as I move along. Keep an eye out on here (or instagram or tumblr) for that. Until then………    :)

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