Tuesday, September 16, 2014


So after THREE long years I finally got around to making a new website. Long story short, with my old site, which I created originally in dreamweaver, I was unable to update it. It stayed the same for 3 years and that really bothered me. Also, I continued to have bandwidth problems with constantly caused my site to go offline month after month, year after year. Anyway, I ended up using Square Space to build my new site. I kind of had to start over completely, but that was fine because there was actually a lot of content on there I didn't feel I needed anymore, and some new stuff I wanted to add. My new site has an updated illustration section, a gallery section of my personal works, some hand-drawn lettering, a misc section containing 3D work, videos and collaborations, a bio page, F.A.Q. section, a complete cv, and links to all my social media, my shop and email.

Have a look for yourself!   -  www.jonmacnair.com


Janice Greene said...
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Janice Greene said...

Wow! I visited your new website and I found it very interesting. You are such a great artist! Your artworks are extraordinary. It’s just a bummer about your old site, but since you've created a new one, I guess there won't be any problems anymore. Thank you for sharing that, Jon! More power to you and your craft!

Janice Greene @ NEImpact

Lauren Gibson said...

I love your artworks, Jon! They look mysterious and meaningful in a way that ordinary people would find it hard to explain and interpret them. You are truly artistic and intelligent in a deeper sense. Anyway, it’s good that you decided to create a new website. Your followers will surely enjoy and appreciate your works more. Thanks for sharing that! Kudos and more power to you!

Lauren Gibson @ More Sales For You