Sunday, May 4, 2008

I See Spots

Today I was going through my contact list of publications and art directors, trying to decide who I need to send new promo stuff to etc, when I remembered something potentially valuable an art director once told me. I had sent this guy some jpegs of my work via email, and he had commented back saying that although he liked my art, he didn't have anything for me to work on at the moment. Regardless, he told me that I should keep him updated and also consider adding some black and white spot illustrations to my website because that is what they usually gave to first-time illustrators. A long time has passed since that original email was sent, and I did eventually do some black and white spots (and color ones too) for various assignments, but I realize that this might be a good idea to further explore. I think I will work on making some simple black and white spots this week, nothing too conceptual, and just have fun with it. I just need to decide what to do. I can even do them in my sketchbook.

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