Saturday, October 17, 2009


So in tackling my list of art projects, I was going to start with the graphite drawing, but decided to go with the collages instead. I may just be a little blocked right now as to what to do for the graphite drawing. Today I have been staring at scraps of paper. Doing a little cutting and a lot of rearranging. I think the thing about collage that takes a while for me is the endless sorting through of the infinite compositional possibilities (moving the paper around and rearranging the elements). When you're drawing, it's much more labor intensive to do this, or you just stare at the blank paper and try to imagine things in indifferent configurations. With this I can actually move things around with ease and contemplate them until my brain hurts. And it does.

I'm on the verge of something here, but not there yet.

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