Friday, October 23, 2009

Short break

Been kinda busy and not making art lately. I was just about to start a graphite drawing but had to put it on hold until I got some other things done. I have a few interviews I was contacted for, and one had quite a few questions for me to answer. When I say interview, I don't mean a job interview, but an artist interview about me and my work. I've done a few of these before, so it's not unfamiliar. I like to think that I'm getting better at them. I always struggle way more than I probably should in answering the questions. I think it's because I really have to think about how I am going to answer a question in written form. It probably wouldn't be quite as hard if it were just a regular in person interview, or at least I wouldn't have so much time to dwell on my answers. Either way, it takes me a long time.

I also am working some things out with selling a piece. So that transaction is in motion.

And I was contacted by The Washington Square Review to have my artwork in their publication, which I am certainly excited about. I need to send them a bio and images. It's black and white, so my work fits well. The magazine has a small circulation, but it publishes work by some of the most established writers of today and has national distribution, so that's all good!

Once I get all this taken care of, it will be back to the work table.

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