Saturday, January 23, 2010

4 previously unseen works

"In Search of a Remedy"

"A Malevolent Decree"

"Shifting Tide Pool"

"Bespeckled Creature with Feelers"

These are some pieces I had done for "New Faces" at Recoat Gallery in Glasgow (currently on display). I kept these 4 under wraps until the show opened and am posting them on here now for you to see. I've included detail shots so you can see the line work better. The other 4 pieces I sent them have already been posted on my flickr page.


Momo Luna said...

Hi there,
i came here thru a link on Pam's (Phantasmaphile)site. And i'm happy to find your work. It's really great and i love it a lot!!

Sweet greetz, Momo Luna

Jon MacNair said...

Hello! Thanks for the compliment! Much appreciated!

ipaintmymind said...

way to be jon...what lovely darkness you create sir.

Jon MacNair said...

Thanks Evan!