Friday, January 29, 2010


I was approached by the Plywerk company through email after they saw some of my work at Tribute Gallery in Portland Oregon, where the company is based. Plywerk does photo mounting on wooden panels, using bamboo and maple plywood. The materials are "green" and manufactured using environmentally sustainable practices. Nice!

They offered me a free 5" x 5" panel of my choice, blank or with an uploaded image. I took them up on the offer and got this printed. The quality is excellent and very finished looking, ready to hang on a wall! I would recommend them to anyone wanting to have photographs or artwork professionally mounted on wood panels. Also, they're friendly, which is always a plus!

Oh, and if you're an artist, you get a discount! Another plus!

Thanks Plywerk!

here's their website:


Kjell said...

Wow, thanks for the Kudos! But a Plywerk is only as good as the art it presents. ;)

Jeremy said...

Gracias, I'm glad you loved the product, oh and great photography of your new Plywerk. It looks way happier with you then the last time i saw it and was shoving it in a dark box.

Julianna said...

those are so neat! thanks for the tip!

Momo Luna said...

Tnx for this great tip. I draw and paint sometimes my art on little wooden blocks. But if you would sell it for the time you worked on it it would be too expensive. So i started to work with copies that i glued on the wood and edited it. Now i'm off to plywerk to see if that's the solution i was looking for. Again tnx!
And your art looks awesome on the wood. :-D