Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kenny Cole/Jon MacNair Collaborative Drawing

before (Kenny's original drawing)
after (my addition)

This is a collaborative effort between artist Kenny Cole and myself. Kenny is an artist (living in Maine) who contacted me, asking if I would be interested in doing a collaborative drawing. Kenny has a prolific body of work (wonderfully mysterious ink drawings) on his flickr page, which I had the pleasure of discovering a while back. He mailed me a half completed drawing (I did the same for him) and I filled in the rest of the picture. Our styles are really different, right down to the tools we use. He draws with a brush, while I use a pen. Although I had doubts about the result up until the end of the ink wash stage, I am happy with the final drawing. I wasn't sure about how the two styles would mesh, but I think my anxieties have been put to rest. I like that you can sort of tell it's two different people that worked on this. It adds interest and a little spontaneity. I do feel bad that it took me about 5 months to finally work on the drawing after I received it in the mail, but I guess everything has its time.

If I were to give this piece a title, I'd call it "Pilgrimage to the Sacred Circle"

check out more of Kenny's work here!


Momo Luna said...

It's great! I think the rough brushstrokes of Kenny's work goes very well with the fine lines of your work. :-)

Jon MacNair said...

Thanks! I'm pretty happy with it myself, even if it did cause me to stress a bit.