Saturday, March 20, 2010

Photos from Portland Art Shows!

I was recently in Portland, OR for a few art shows (and to just see the city) and I took these pictures. They're not all that great (lighting varies greatly in each one) but here they are. The first bunch are of The Portland Prints show (opening reception) where I had one piece displayed among a lot of great artists. The second bunch of photos is from the closing reception of the LOVE show which was a Launch Pad gallery show, but was hosted by Olympic Mills Commerce Center. I probably took about 800+ photos during the entire 12 day visit, but I'm not sure when I'll get to sorting through those quite yet :)

(I stole this first picture from Mark Searcy. It's a good shot of the exterior of the gallery and vasty superior in quality to my photos. Thanks Mark! Also, I stole the second picture from the Society6 website. It's a nice group shot us of!)

Chloe Gallagher and myself in front of my poster.

...and here's the photos from the LOVE show closing reception:
my piece pictured above in the blue frame (sold)

I just took these couple photos, but the LOVE show was enormous and had over 350 pieces in it!


Julianna said...

It was nice to be able to meet you!

Jon MacNair said...

Thanks Julianna! Same here! I think there's even a photo of us talking somewhere on the internet.