Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things worked out

So lets see.....what have I been working on lately...

I spent part of this weekend working on a tattoo design for someone. It was pretty straight-forward. Who knows, maybe I will do some more in the future if people ask me.

Also worked out some sketches for three pieces I am doing for a NY show the art collective I am part of is putting together.

I also found out recently that my work got accepted to be the La Luz de Jesus Gallery, "Everything But the Kitsch 'N Sync" show. Third year in a row, which is kinda fun. Last year I sold a piece, so I'm hoping my luck will extend to this year as well.

Also, some more good news. I wrote a while back about a show in Portland that I was supposed to be in. The show fell through, and I was a bit sad because I had created work for it. However, now it has been rescheduled and it's supposed to be in April. So things worked out okay after all. I am going to use some of the work I previously created, as well as create a new piece for it.

This evening I am going to format some more artwork files to upload onto Society6 to sell as prints.

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