Monday, June 20, 2011

Boxed up and ready to go

Hey all,

So I went to the UPS store today (a place I am very familiar with at this point) and mailed the work I created for the Rituals group show this summer in NY. I'm sending it off a little bit early because I will be taking a little trip this week and don't want to have to rush deliver it when I get back. I think the pieces look good in the frames. I'm curious how it will all be displayed. I have an idea in my head, but I know the gallery might have ideas of their own. Either way, I'm excited. Above is a teaser pic of the works for the show. And below is a rather boring picture of the box all taped up.
ready to go!

I really have my work cut out for me this summer in terms of projects. No lack of things to do here. Looking forward to a little break this coming week and some fun and relaxation :)

more to come......stay tuned.....

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