Wednesday, December 21, 2011

AMMO magazine "Monchrome"

Dave Hughes, the creator of AMMO magazine recently asked me to take part in this special edition called "Monochrome". As the name suggests, it features black and white artwork, and artists who primarily work in black and white. I've contributed to a previous issue of the magazine, and was really happy to be asked to participate again :)

As always, the printing is fantastic and the layout excellent. Each artist gives a little mini interview about their work and why they are drawn to black and white. Check it out if you can get your hands on a copy!

here's the list of artists: Alex Pearson / Alison Richards / Andres Guzman / Angela Keoghan Annita Maslov / Christopher Worker / David Cousens / James Wilson Jeffrey Alan Love / Jo Fallon / Joel Benjamin / Johanna Basford / Jon MacNair / Jordan Debney / Juan David Gómez / Kate Copeland / Kyle Stecker / Lauren Crow / Mr Millerchip / Mr Mead / Mutt / Nick Deakin / Nick Sheehy / Peter Diamond / Pit / Rebecca Hiscocks / Rey / Ross McEwan Simon Riviere / Tom Lane / Yelena Bryksenkova / Yema Yema

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