Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ballad of Petra Doe

The kind folks over at Ballad Of... magazine invited me to be part of their new issue. If you are not yet familiar with the publication this is what they have to say about themselves (according to their website):

"Ballad Of… is the product of two Northern Art geeks based in our South London flat finding, publishing and drooling over art we heart. We (Lindsey & Claire) met studying photography at Blackpool, moved to London and decided to produce our own magazine and online exhibition space for brand new, emerging artists – if we love it, if its fresh and new, we publish it. Can’t wait to hear from you via email or snail mail, to contribute or to chat! is the heart of everything we’ve got going on. Everything that we love, do and find flows through it. Ballad Of… in print is published bi annually, and Ballad Of…Presents holds regular events, exhibitions and collaborations. It’s all about getting what we love, seen. And it’s all about you lot getting involved."

You can buy copies of the issue here! (I haven't seen the finished issue yet, so I need to order my copy asap)

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