Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting comfortable with lettering

These past few weeks have been pretty productive. I worked on a T-shirt design for a skateboard company, started a few new drawings for some shows, and even dabbled with some hand-lettering. I've been meaning to try some more hand-lettering because I want to get more comfortable with it. And as everyone knows, the only way to do that is to work at it. So I've been experimenting and it's actually been pretty fun so far. I've been using ink with my nib pens and bamboo pens, then going into photoshop to clean up the lines. No vector though. I still want a bit of that handmade look. I'm hoping to add them to my website soon. Will keep you posted :)

And I'm hoping to get one of those T-shirts that I worked on, so I will post pictures of that when it arrives.


alexis waller said...

can we see some of your lettering?

Jon MacNair said...

hi Alexis, I'll post some examples this week :)