Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Untold Method

I was invited by the kind folks over at Untold Method to take part in their ongoing collaborative comic. A bunch of great artists illustrate the pages of this very weird story. I was happy to see that Michael Hsiung illustrated the first part of the story in his humorous trademark style. It was a first for me doing this kind of thing, and I was definitely a little wary about how it would all turn out. My experience in reading comics and graphic novels is pretty limited (Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, some Chris Ware stuff and a little Daniel Clowes). I wouldn't say I grew up on the stuff. There were guidelines I had to follow for the continuity of the story, and each panel was described for me, with dialogue to be inserted. A few times I had to problem solve a bit because the composition called for one character to be facing a certain direction, and my natural inclination was the opposite. But I think it all worked out ok in the end. I drew it all by hand and then scanned it and adjusted the levels/saturation in the computer. I did have to fix one panel in Photoshop where I forgot to add the text bubble. Aside from that, the original and final digital version are the same. I look forward to seeing how the story plays out. Please check it out and follow along, or better yet, spread the word!

Hopefully, I will explore comics more this year with my own stories. I think this is a good kick-start anyway.

You can see a higher res version on my Flickr HERE.

You can read the comic here:
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below are a few work-in-progress pictures of the comic

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