Monday, September 30, 2013

Two-person August show at Antler Gallery

So I spent 4 months working on a large body of work for my solo show Antler Gallery. I was thrilled to be asked to have a solo show with them again. And better yet, I was able to show alongside Ben Kehoe, whose work I have long admired. Ben's show was called "Shadows in the Field of Science" and mine was called "Traversing the Emotional Landscape" (Neil, one of the gallery owners aptly named mine). My whole idea behind the show was to merge metaphor, landscape, characters and emotion. I went through a rather rough year personally, and this show seemed like a good opportunity to put all those feelings to good use. I took a few months off from drawings to get myself back together, and this show was really my return to making art. I know two months doesn't seem like a huge break, but when you are used to drawing almost every day, it seems like an eternity. 

We were fortunate enough to have Hi-Fructose promote the show and it helped us get a lot of attention. We decided to have a preview opening the night before the show for people to come see the work without having to deal with the craziness of the Last Thursday Street Fair. Ben was able to attend the opening and getting to meet him was so wonderful. He couldn't have been nicer, more modest and a great guy to hang out with! 

We both sold some work even before the opening, which was an awesome surprise. The preview and opening both went really well. It was pretty packed both nights and lots of friends attended.

I was pretty happy with how the work turned out. And it was awesome seeing Ben's paintings in person. I had only seen them online before.

Check out some of photos below and follow the link at the bottom for lots more pics.

Thanks again to Antler Gallery for all their hard work!


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