Monday, September 30, 2013

Unnatural Histories II show at Antler Gallery

Some pictures from the second annual Unnatural Histories show at Antler Gallery in PDX. I didn't participate last year, but this year I really wanted to. Each I was kind of pressed for time, but I was able to do a small drawing of an Ichthyocentaur for the show. The lineup in this show was amazing!

Participants: Josh Keyes, Heiko Muller, Amy Ruppel, Katherine Brannock, Aaron Jasinski, Brin Levinson, Lisa Ericson, Susannah Kelly, Jennifer Parks, Keith Carter, Jon MacNair, Neil M. Perry, Bijijoo, Wes Younie and Rachel Sabin

Each artist was asked to make a piece about an imaginary or mythical creature (of their own creation or a pre-exisitng made up creature). Each piece was also accompanied by a description of the creature.

Here is what I made:

"The ichthyocentaur is a sea-dwelling creature with the upper body of a man and the lower body of a fish (two horse legs protrude from this intersection). It may also display crustacean claw horns. The ichthyocentaur is related to centaurs, sea nymphs and merfolk; however the origin of these connections remains a mystery. It possesses the ability to breathe underwater, swim extremely fast and has great stamina. The ichthyocentaur is thought to be a generally peaceful creature, living amicably alongside other water-dwelling races. However, due to more aggressive nature of their wild centaur relations, some ichthyocentaurs still exhibit fierce behavior under duress."

Here are some pictures of the opening reception and the works:

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