Saturday, March 28, 2009

They're Back (Evergreen Cafe follow-up)

I took down all my work at the Evergreen Cafe the other day. It was very crowded when I went to de-install and I had to climb over people to get the art off the walls and ask people to vacate their booths and abandon their food momentarily. Overall I think the show was a success in that my work got some exposure and people were forced to experience a different style of art not normally on display there. While some of the feedback in the comment book suggested that certain people found the work to be too "creepy and demonic" for the atmosphere of the Evergreen, I also received some positive responses and even one or two constructive comments. I sold one drawing and got some compliments from some of the staff there.

A special thanks to all of my friends who took the time to come out and see the show! It really made it all the more meaningful : )

Now all the work is back here in the studio, which I spent the day cleaning the other day to make room for it all. The Maryland Art Place "Out of Order" show is coming up, and I will most likely be selecting something from my ample supply of already framed art to put in the show. I'm looking forward to it!

All the work, not yet unpacked.

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