Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well, I got my three works that I sent to La Luz de Jesus Gallery (Los Angeles) back today. I appreciate how prompt they were in sending the work back and how professionally it was all handled. Very nice. So now I'm thinking ahead to the show at Double Punch in San Francisco in July (date got pushed back) and this show in Eugene, Oregon that I want to be part of. The deadline for that is in May. I will probably use something already framed for that if I get accepted, and save the newer works for San Fran.

I finished another small drawing today that might go into that show. It was an experimental drawing in that I used tea as ink to color certain parts of the drawing. I think if the paper I had been using was less yellowed with age, the color would have shown up better (I had to do about six layers of tea to make it stand out) but overall I was happy with the effect. I am definitely going to continue to try using tea as pigment in the future. Maybe different colors too.

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