Monday, June 22, 2009

Off to Portugal! (, not me)

Went to the post office today to mail something to Portugal. It's some artwork I'm trading with a guy named Paulo. It's sort of my first official art trade with someone I don't really know, so hopefully it will be a good experience that will encourage me to do more trades in the future.

In other news, I exceeded my traffic quota on my website, so now it's down for the rest of this month. Sucks. I mean, it's great so many people are looking at my work, don't get me wrong, but now no one can see the site until next month unless I buy a larger quota. Kinda don't want to do that, but maybe next month will prove I don't have to. I think I had an increase in traffic this month from two interview things I did and from being featured on illustration mundo. But on average I was getting about 53 mb worth of traffic daily. I remember when I didn't even used to get that much a month, so I'm adjusting still. Adjusting, not complaining mind you.

If I get as much as I'd like done today, I may even gesso some cradled wood panels and try to decide what to do with those. If not today, then tomorrow.

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