Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today I got a few things accomplished. I made a trip to the nearby Joanne's fabrics. Yes, it's full of old ladies buying scrapbook materials and silk flowers, however I got some good deals on frames. They were having a 50% sale on them. I also got some brushes for real cheap and some spray paint which I need for picture frames. I'd been painting them myself and I figured if they're black or white, I might as well spray paint them; far easier. So I went there and then came home and framed some stuff. I also am working on these little mini portraits right now. The main inspiration for that was because I have these little oval cut picture mats that I've been wanting to use for a while. I have 2 done so far and about 4 more to go. Well, 4 are sketched out.

Also, some cool news! I'm finally trading art with someone. Paulo from Portugal contacted me and asked to trade and I gladly accepted. Pretty cool! The internet is pretty amazing like that sometimes. I already picked out my drawing from him and I will draw him something to trade.

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