Monday, June 7, 2010

Jumble of ideas

Just finished a piece yesterday for a show in Culver City this fall. It's currently being flattened under a pile of heavy books to reduce the buckling of the paper due to the amount of ink washes I applied. Also, starting to sort out my ideas for the next couple shows coming up this fall. I have a bunch of pieces I need to do this summer. In an attempt to organize my ideas and figure out what is going where, I drew a bunch of thumbnail images of possible pieces, cut them out and tried to put them into groupings for the various shows. This gave me a good visual idea of how things might work out. I'm just visual through and through I guess.

The next piece I will tackle is one for a group show in Soho this fall.

Oh, and I got a piece back from the framers today. Looks great! I'll be shipping that off to CA in the next couple weeks. It was too big for me to frame myself, and I figure this particular show calls for it to look extra professional.

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