Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Submit to the Kickstart Co-Op!

Hey everyone!

Just thought I'd tell you all about a new website I am currently featured on called "The Kickstart Co-Op." It's brand new and as one of the first artists to appear on it, I thought I'd spread the word to all you artists out there. If you are featured, not only do you get a little blurb and chance to share your work on the site, but you also get to pick a song you like to be featured with your art. Pretty cool! Sort of lets people get a better idea of you and your influences. So if this sounds interesting to you, submit your work to the site and help get this thing off the ground! I know I'm looking forward to seeing future posts!

The Kickstart Co-Op is run by artist and illustrator John Holcomb. Follow on twitter! http://twitter.com/kickstartcoop

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