Friday, June 11, 2010


Been working on a piece for a fall group show in NY for most of this week. It's been sloooooow work. It seems like my pace has come to a crawl. With the exception of today, I've been feeling extremely uncharacteristically sleepy all week. I've definitely been getting enough sleep, and am not on an upside down sleep schedule, but each day pretty much all day I've felt like I could just put my head right down on my work table and easily drift off. That's not like me. I have been taking this Claritin-D for my allergies which were pretty miserable this week. But that's not supposed to cause drowsiness, the opposite in fact. I didn't take it yesterday or today, and today I am feeling perfectly fine. So I don't know what the deal is. I'm just glad I got some work done today. It was so annoying wanting to work and my body feeling like it couldn't handle that.

Anyway, I've gotten this thing all sketched out now. FINALLY. I struggled a lot with the idea, but the gods of inspiration finally took pity on me.

That's about all for now.

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