Monday, August 29, 2011

Just because....

Just thought I'd give a brief update as to what has been going on lately. I finished the patterns I was working on earlier and I'm happy with them (being a first attempt and all). I am working on a piece right now for an October group show in New Mexico. It's going pretty well so far. I've been trying not to get too distracted thinking about the other pieces I need to do after this one. Just concentrate on one thing at a time here.

Oh, on a different note, I'm really excited to say that Blanket magazine's first printed issue is coming out soon (and I'm in it!). I need to order myself one asap. There's a great lineup of talent included (5 of the artists I recognize and am fans of). This is my 3rd time being involved with an issue of Blanket (twice previously in their PDF format). Head over to their website to have a look at what is to come!

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