Saturday, September 17, 2011

Got my work cut out for me

Been drawing like a madman lately, usually about 15 hours a day. I think it may be taking a toll, but it won't be for much longer so that's good. I sent off two shipments of art today. One box is going to Oregon and the other is going to New Mexico. I just finished a pretty intricate piece today for a show in Seattle at Flatcolor gallery, where I have enjoyed showing before. So pleased they asked me back! I will be sending then 4 pieces very soon (probably another trip to UPS on Monday). So I still have to scan this sucker and I already cut plexi glass for it (not risking it with the real glass this time). I have been hurrying to get it done because the show is quickly approaching. In fact, the three shows I have mentioned are all in the first week of October (two on the 6th and one on the 7th I believe). Not only that, but I got a freelance job to work on this past week and I knew I would have to get this gallery stuff done first because it has to travel across country. But the freelance job deadline is pretty soon too, so I guess I have my work cut our for me after I finish scanning and framing this piece. By the time that freelance job is over, I should be just about ready to leave on a trip for Louisiana. I hope that's how it all works out anyway.

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