Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shirt Design

Did this shirt design for the band Unholy. This is just a preview of what it will look like. The original design had a white background but was cut out to be put on a black shirt. I think it looks great! Can't take credit for the type, but it looks good too, and I think it fits with the image pretty well. They were very specific with what they wanted: A devil hanging upside-down from a cloud eating the entrails out of a creature with an animal head of some kind. I added the rest of the stuff, some for the sake of balancing the design. Shirts should be printed in October sometime. I will post a picture when I get mine.

This was the quick thumbnail sketch sent to me by the band. Original idea had the creature with entrails being held up by two floating skulls or a sun and a moon. These were later eliminated.

This is my sketch in pencil

This is my finished drawing after revisions

This is the preview of how the shirt will be printed

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