Saturday, May 29, 2010

Alright, well I got the last big project done for now. I have no IMMEDIATE approaching deadlines for shows or projects at the moment, and that is nice. Still a bunch of work to do for some fall shows, but for now I can just breathe for a second and maybe start on something new. I'm excited! It'll probably not be a big drawing, as I just finished two of those in a row and don't have the desire to work on one single thing for a long period of time. Maybe a little new media experimentation is in order?

STROKE .02 the Urban art fair in Munich is happening currently. Last day is tomorrow. I haven't heard much about the goings ons over there from the collective, but I'm hoping I sold some work at least. I mean, it's an art fair so at least you know people are there specifically to buy art. That's somewhat reassuring. And who knows, maybe the people of Germany will like my work. Things didn't work out so well in Scotland, but that all in the past now.

Also, can't wait to get my copy of AMMO magazine and Finerats in the mail. Wonder when those will show up....

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