Thursday, September 30, 2010

End of September Update

I recently mailed these boxes off to various places for exhibitions. It was quite a time packaging up everything. I bought plexi glass and cut it to replace the glass in these frames. At this point, after experiencing numerous disasters with shipping glass, I don't want the stress of worrying about shattered glass and damaged artwork. If I do ship something with glass, it either has to be really small with LOTS of packing, or I just let UPS package it and bear the pricey cost.

The two big boxes are off to Flatcolor Gallery in Seattle (6 pieces), the smaller one contains one piece for a group show at Launch Pad Gallery in Portland, and the flat package is an unframed drawing going to Barcelona (I HOPE!). This piece is the replacement artwork for the "Wallpaper" show in Barcelona that I previously sent work to (but got lost). I sent this express mail, which was pricey but the only real option to have tracking and insurance and all that. And believe me, I will be tracking this to make sure it gets there this time.

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