Thursday, September 23, 2010

Even My Mum Can Make A Book

These are some pictures of the hanging and opening of "Even My Mum Can Make a Book", a zine exhibition in Istanbul that I participated in. Obviously, I was not able to be there for the opening, but I found these photos on facebook (courtesy of Gamze Ozer and Timothee Huguet). Looks like a great turnout!

Wow! Look at all these zines! Wish I could flip through each one...

The names of the participants are written on the window.
Look closely at the above photo, and you can see most of my name at the very top right (next to Luke Ramsey - honored to be placed next to Luke!).

Can you spot my zine in the above photo? It's the yellow one right above the green one.

About the show: Initiated by Gamze Özer and Timothee Huguet this project shows alternative publishings like zines, fanzines, artist books and selfmade editions. Following an open call participants from all around the world submitted their works. The presentation at Manzara Perspectives is the first in a series as the project has the aim to create an archive that will be expanding and travelling through different venues.

Here is a video of the event:

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that's really impressive!