Thursday, September 2, 2010

September is finally here

After what seemed to be a very long summer, September is finally here. It's strange because it's still really hot outside, and yet the leaves are already changing color. Can't wait until I can wear a sweater and scarf.

I've been busy getting ready for some shows (still, I know). But I just finished a drawing yesterday that will be the final piece of a group of works going to Seattle for a show in November. Still need to get some stuff framed, but the work itself for that particular show is complete.

(see sneak peek detail shot below)

Now I have to work on a piece for another show at Lunar Boy Gallery in Astoria, OR. It's for their Day of the Dead show.

Also need to do one last piece for A November Portland show. It will be the 4th and final work for that grouping and will be the biggest sized work of the 4.

I recently mailed out some work to Pony Club Gallery (show next month) and Sacred Gallery (show also next month). More on those shows later.

Also need to mail out my piece for Horrorwood show this month. It will be going to WWA gallery in Culver City.

After I finish these two pieces for upcoming shows, I may just have some time to do some experimentation and personal projects. I hope :)

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