Tuesday, January 11, 2011

EMPTY Magazine

I remembered today that I wanted to make a small post about Empty Magazine. I was contacted a while back about being part of Issue 19. Of course I was happy to oblige, especially since they recently cut back on the number of issues they release each year. Empty is an Australian creative magazine based in Sydney. I don't have a copy to show you because I must save up to buy one. They are $20, plus $20 to have it shipped to me in the U.S. So $40 for a magazine is not in my budget right now, but I will get my hands on a copy sometime in the near future.

Artist List: Issue 19

Sam Leach
Shelley Reed
Kate Lewis
James Reka
Dirk Dzimirsky
Marco Zamora
Claire Martin
Brendan Danielsson
Erin McSavaney
Rebecca Campbell
Jeremy Forson
Roderik Henderson
Bridge Stehli
Justin Harris
John John Jesse
Jon Macnair
Juergen Grewe
Dabs Myla
Lily Mae Martin
Jodee Knowles
Langdon Graves
Brandon Bird
Mercedes Helnwein
Bessie Nunes
Lucy Fahey
Susan Purcell
Steven Nuttall



Lily Mae Martin said...

Hiya, I have a copy if you'd like me to photograph your images and send them to you?

Jon MacNair said...

That would be awesome! Thanks so much :) jon@jonmacnair.com