Friday, July 8, 2011

Architectural Surprise - part 3

So here is the final of the 3 drawings of the house. Again, lots of straight lines and little details that are vital, if you are familiar with the space. The fishing net hanging on the wall, the dangling coil of rope, the boat oars stored up in the ceiling, the big ball underneath the desk, and the boat cushion behind the lawn chair. All these things are unique to the place, and without them it would look rather sterile. I stressed out about drawing the net because obviously a bunched up net is a little tricky to draw. So I had to simplify it enough so I could draw it, but not make it look unrealistic. I did my best. After drawing all those straight lines, I had a more relaxed time with all the foliage outside the house, but I had to make sure the values were not so similar to the interior, that they blend in. I was also rather pleased with how the pattern on the chair came out. It was a vine-like/floral pattern, and again I had to do a bit of an impressionistic spin on it, but I think it worked out.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my more traditional side. I don't bring it out very often, but it can be an interesting change once in a while.

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