Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Architectural Surprise - part 1

Here's something you might not expect from me. It's a drawing of a house, realistically executed in pen and ink wash. The house itself has been in our family for many decades, and is located in North Hero, Vermont on Lake Champlain. My father and his siblings spent summers here growing up, and I spent many there myself. After my grandparents passed away, the house passed on to their children, and my aunt is the one who now maintains the house. It has been recently renovated, and this back porch is no longer there, having been converted into more of a living area. My aunt commissioned me to do three drawings of the house. One of the rear exterior and two of the interior of the porch. So this is the exterior view. It was done using reference photos I took two summers ago. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I enjoy certain things about it, like the chimney and little triangle of roof visible to the right, and also the bush to the lower right. The bike was a challenge and all the straight lines nearly drove me crazy. I did not use a ruler while drawing with the ink because I was using a dip pen with a nib. But I think the slightly uneven quality of the "straight" lines adds to the hand-drawn look. My technique with the ink wash is pretty much how I always do it with all my fine art and illustration work.
Below are some process pictures.
I will be posting the other two drawings in the next 2 days, so stay tuned.

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